Mentoring & Support Calls

What is the Purpose of Mentoring?

  • ★ The purpose of mentoring is to grow by tapping into the knowledge and experience of someone further along than you. It's the best way to accelerate your development.
  • ★ The purpose of mentoring is to connect an individual who has a lot of knowledge and experience with someone who hasn’t gained the same knowledge or experience—yet.
  • ★ By having someone who knows more than yourself share advice, offer guidance and be a sounding board for your thoughts you stand to benefit from experience beyond your own.
  • ★ Whether in your career or life, having a mentor is crucial to all of our continued growth and development.
  • ★ A mentor is someone who helps you grow your skills, make better decisions, and gain new perspectives on your life and career.
  • ★ As a mentee, your mentor will leverage their experience to give you guidance on your career or life now and in the future.
  • ★ Rather than learning through trial and error, a mentor is a person you can look to for direction and a role model to imitate.


  • ★ A mentor can be a sounding board when the less experienced mentee comes up against a situation or problem that they are not familiar with or can’t see a solution to.
  • ★ By partnering a younger employee with a more experienced one, the mentee gets to learn from the mentor’s experience.

Knowledge transfer

  • ★ The more experienced mentor have a thorough knowledge of the subject, as well as any programs or training that a mentee can access to help them reach their goals.
  • ★ The mentor can impart wisdom developed over time, information and expectations or regulations and policies that will help the mentee succeed in the long run.
  • ★ Training or Reskilling is necessary for any business that wants to grow and maintain its competitive edge. One key desire human beings and organizations have in common is the need to be better. Both humans and organizations strive to improve.