24thmile Integrated EXIM & Logistics Digital EcoSystem

24thmile EXIM Portal “salient features”

  • ★ With Just Five Minutes of Registration, any Exporter-Importer can send a Request for Freight Comparative(RFC) within a One Minute and send an email to a Maximum of Seven Freight Forwarders. Then, Exporter-Importer can select Lowest Possible Freight Forwarder and award the shipment.
  • ★ All Processes are automated and going further implement Artificial Intelligence & Matching Learning so that there is no system break-up. The next step is not allowed unless we complete the earlier step.
  • ★ Pre & Post Shipment Invoices and Packing List is generated through the System.
  • ★ All Documents are saved on Portal while completing Shipment Processes. It is easy to Audit.
  • ★ Our Freight Inquiries are going through this Portal so definitely buying Bulk Freight Services so that 24thmile Clients are getting the Market`s best and lowest Possible Freight offer. Also, considered all Cost riders while preparing Freight Comparatives.
  • ★ 24thmile supports MSMEs in negotiating with all agencies considering the bulk volume requirement of their Services and cost will be optimized. Also, update about new FTP & Logistics changes and conducts Free online knowledge session on EXIM and Logistics through Market experts.
  • ★ This Portal clearly shows and escalates Pending All Statutory Compliance to higher Management through reporting System.
  • ★ 24thmile Reports help with the analysis of Total Cost Ownership and other aspects of EXIM functions.
  • ★ Large Exporters required Freight Estimation and Trend to finalize the Order. It will be covered in near future with Graphical Format.
  • ★ Shipping Agent and Freight Forwarders are getting online live Inquiries from several numbers of Exporters-Importers on day to day basis

24thmile EXIM Portal “Benefits for Exporters-Importers”

  • ★ Total EXIM Solution under one roof.
  • ★ Optimize EXIM and Logistics costs by 10% considering the Total Cost of Ownership (TCO)
  • ★ Get Freight Comparative with cost break-up & Optimize Human Hours of EXIM Processes
  • ★ EXIM Process Automation and Lean Application (Wastage Reduction)
  • ★ Easy to delegate. Live Shipment Booking and Real-Time Tracking.
  • ★ Generate a Report for Analysis and take further decisions for improvement
  • ★ Document Management System (DMS) for Audit and reference purposes.
  • ★ Easy to Track the Shipment & handle many Shipment at a time
  • ★ For Bulk Freight, the Annual Freight Contract option is available on the 24thmile Portal.
  • ★ Get an update on the latest Foreign Trade Policy and Global Logistics. Also, providing other Various value-added Services to get connected with Overseas Buyers.

24thmile EXIM Portal “Freight Forwarders/Shipping Agents”

  • ★ Get online live Complete Freight Inquires and it optimizes Marketing Costs by 20%.
  • ★ Easy to send offers through Portal and it optimizes Human Hours.
  • ★ Verified KYC and easily access through 24thmile Portal.
  • ★ Shipment gets awarded with Instructions through System. No emails and phone calls are required.
  • ★ EXIM Report generated. It is helpful for Analysis Purpose to improve further.
  • ★ Document Management System helps for Audit Purpose.
  • ★ Service Invoice is uploaded on 24thmile Portal. It can take follow-up after the due date.
  • ★ Automatic CBM & Volumetric Calculation done through Portal with all details