Digital Signature (DSC)
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Delivery Price : INR 2100 /- (+ GST)
Delivery Period* : 2 to 3 Working Days

*All Documents should be in PDF Format with Clear Image - Pass port size Photo in JPG Only.

Required Documents :

  1. PAN Card of the Company/LLP
  2. Certificate of the Incorporation of the Company/LLP
  3. GST Registration Certificate of the Company/LLP (All 3 Pages)
  4. IEC Certificate of the Company/LLP
  5. Board Resolution
  6. Letter of Authorization
  7. Letter of Identity
  8. Passport Size Photograph of the Authorized Person
  9. Passport Size Photograph of the Approving Person
  10. Email ID & Contact number of the Authorized Person
  11. Email ID & Contact number of the Approving Person
Brief Description about Service

It is platform neutral and verifies validity, CRL etc. at the time of signing. This component may be used with any Class – III DSC valid. The user authorized for signing documents shall use DSC in his name and execute signing process and send the Digitally signed documents to ICEGATE. Usage in IECGATE

Brief Description about Service

Digital signature Certificate for Foreign Trade (DGFT) has now made it easy for the Export and Import Organizations to make the best use of Digital Signature Certificate for the authentication of the documents. Usage for DGFT ex. IEC Registration and Renewal, claiming for Export Incentive.

Brief Description about Service

Class 3 Digital Signature for Multi Purpose Use. GST, MCA, Income Tax, etc.

Brief Description about Service

A Digital Signature Certificate (DSC) is essential for companies and organizations that take part or intend to take part in eTendering processes on various Government sites. Besides enabling eTendering which is extremely convenient and transparent, a Digital Signature Certificate also ensure greater security in other online transactions.