Authorised Dealer Code (AD) & Drawback (DBK)
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Delivery Price : INR 6690 /- (+ GST)
Delivery Period* : 10 to 12 Working Days

*All Documents should be in PDF Format with Clear Image - Pass port size Photo in JPG. only

Required Documents :

  1. Bank Authorisation Letter (Annexure A)
  2. Copy of IEC
  3. Copy GST Certificate
  4. Copy of Company PAN Card
  5. Copy of PAN Card of Authorized Person
  6. Cancelled Cheque
Brief Description about Service

AD Code (Authorised Dealer Code) is a unique seven digit code assigned by the Reserve Bank of India to every Authorised branch of banks dealing with foreign exchange. This is in line with the purpose behind an AD Code, which is to ensure that foreign currency transactions in an exporter's current account are from legal trade. Exporters must register their AD Code with the port or airport from where they intend to ship their goods abroad