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Shipment Steps

Freight Inquire from Exporter-Importer on 24thmile - Request for Freight Comparative (RFC)

Freight Forwarder (FF) will reply to inquire

After receiving reply, Exporter-Importer will send Counter offer to Best One

FF will reply to Counter offer

Exporter will give Shipment Instruction with Pick up address

Step 1 : Shipment is lifted

Exporter-Importer will upload (Pre-shipment documents) Custom Invoice & Packing List,

Step 2 : Shipment is unloaded at Loading Port

FF will upload checklist of Shipping Bill through system

Step 3 : Shipment is Custom Clearance Process

Exporter-Importer will give suggestions to Checklist and it will be sent through system

FF will upload scan of Shipping Bill on portal

Step 4 : Shipment is Custom Cleared

FF will upload draft of BL through system

Step 5 : Shipment is Loaded on Vessle / Flight

Exporter-Importer will give suggestions on BL through system

FF will process final BL

FF will upload BL on Portal

Step 6 : Received loading Confirmation

Exporter-Importer will upload (Post-shipment documents) Commercial Invoice, Packing List, Marine Insurance

Step 7 : Shipment is reached at Destination Port

Step 8 : Shipment is in Custom Clearance at Destination Port

Step 9 : Shipment is ready for dispatch from Destination Port

Step 10 : Shipment delivered

Export Status Report updated

User Process Flow

Update KYC documents
Inquire for Freight
Get Freight Comparative
Select Freight Forwarder
Upload Pre-Shipment Docs
Approve Checklist of SB/BOE
Approve BL draft
Upload Post-Shipment docs
Shipment Delivery Confirmation
Update Payment details of FF
Update Statutory Compliance and Benefits
Get Export-Import Status Report