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24thmile is a one-stop destination providing Freight Comparative, Booking & Tracking services with Export-Import Status Report. Whenever you require any freight services just log on 24thmile and you will find the best of Freight Forwarding solution for all your needs. Our innovative portal covers all modes of transport viz. Land, Air & Water. So, you can get your requirement ‘To & From’ whenever, wherever, & whatever across the globe.


  1. Core Ideology

    Core Value:

    • Dependability
    • Doing with 100% and Happy Thoughts
    • Sporting Spirit
    • Continuous Improvement
    Mission: Upliftment of all Beings

  2. B-HAG - Big Hairy Audacious Goals

    Strengthen 15 Million Enterprises by setting up world`s best- Total Resources and Processes to ensure that all are working on optimum cost, increasing their customer base and profit margin rapidly as on 31st December`2030.

    1. World's best - Total Procurement & Export-Import Management Company serving 15 Million Customers by adding value innovatively to their businesses across the globe as on 31st Dec`2030.
    2. Strengthen 1.5 Billion Farmers Globally by setting up world`s best value chain and producing the best farm products to get them highest possible value as on 31st Dec`2030
    3. Adopt 1.5 Million Girl Childs and ensure their growth and prosperity as on 31st Dec`2030.
    4. Plant variety of 1.5 Trillion trees and take care of them as on 31st Dec`2030
    5. Set up 1.5 Million Meditation and Yoga Centers to develop awareness and alignment of our Individual Self to Surroundings, Nature and Universal Energy to act with full of potential for Welfare and Prosperity of Society as on 31st Dec`2030.

Our History

Our Story began in 2015, After having years of work experience in the field of Supply Chain Management, Procurement, Export-Import, Inventory Management and Net Working Capital we started Process OUTSOURCING Services in the same field & incorporated as TEMGIRE Consultancy Services (P) Limited on 10th August`2015.

Being a forward-looking organisation, in 2017, we have decided to set up 24thMile.com - Total Export-Import Management Services as a need of 21st century of Digital Economy by considering the global studies all Supply Chain functions. .

And progressively, in 2019 we developed the One-stop online portal for Importers-Exporters and Forwarders to enhance supply chain processes, statutory compliance, speed of work and secure data management, 24thmile - Digital Platform for Total Export-Import Management Services.

Why Choose Us?

24thmile is the fruit of more than one and a half decades of hard work and operational experience. Our expertise is spread across various supply chain functions, industries, regions and locations, etc. We have been associated with and providing supply chain solutions to various industry leaders.

This allows us to better understand the challenges, respond faster and above all optimize procurement & operation cost with quality output. All clients and businesses are important to us. Hence, we don’t just offer solutions, but also support you during the implementation of solutions and handholding for assured success. We practice and ensure prompt and efficient services.

Our Strength

One & a Half Decades of Operational Experience
Optimized Procurement & Operation Cost with Quality Output
Served Several Clients all Over the Globe Successfully
Proven Credentials across Various Functions, Industries, Regions & Locations
Understanding the Challenges of Entreprenures, Faster Response & Cost-efficient Solutions

Our Team

We are a group of passionate and dedicated professionals having years of experience in the field of ‘Export-Import Process Outsourcing Consultancy & Services’. With our collaborative and responsive approach, we ensure to fulfil your ever-expanding needs as well as improve your Export-Import function with cost optimization.

Salient Features

  • Transparency
  • Effortless ‘Document Management System’ & communication system with service providers backed by a team of experts.
  • Ensuring that you get Instant Comparative from the best and verified Freight Forwarders with quality experience
  • One-page view across all shipments including action required, tracking status, messages & more
  • Online Communicator Service to expedite shipment
  • We also provide Service Provider (Freight Forwarder) website details because we want to empower our customers with as much information as possible
  • A dedicated Freight Team to serve as a liaison between Customer and the Freight Forwarder to make sure that all shipment needs are being addressed and arranged without any hassle

Benefits to the Organization

  • Transparency in terms of Freight in Cost Pricing - Best Comparative
  • Export Status Report & Tracking of Shipment
  • Total Logistics Cost Optimization & Smoother function
  • Sharing resources of EXIM & Logistics Manager
  • Document Management Services - All documents - Pre & Post Shipment will be loaded on System
  • Live Shipment Status Report & Tracking - Access to Client as well as Exporter-Importer (Tracking Number Generated after sending the inquiry)